Initial Situation: The Problem

Millions of people suffer from back pain, caused by physical strain at the workplace. This results in illnesses which may even lead to occupational disability.

This is where automation reaches its limits, because technical systems cannot simply replace human dynamics and flexibility. In many areas such as service and care, customers reject automated solutions. Companies are facing a challenge here.

Effects Of Physical Overload

23% of all days of incapacity to work in Germany are due to musculoskeletal disorders. It often affects middle-aged people and more women than men.These sick days result in an estimated 10 billion euros in lost production and 17 billion euros in lost gross value added. However, automated solutions lead to further job cuts.
Unergonomic jobs can hardly be avoided. But they have a negative impact on the quality of work. Besides that they are also unattractive for potential new employees.

exoIQ: support, assistance and help

At exoIQ, scientists from different disciplines work together on an interdisciplinary basis: Engineers, sports scientists and sociologists contribute their specialist knowledge. This enables us to develop and produce high-quality, state-of-the-art technical systems.

From the analysis to the prototype to the production of small series – exoIQ offers everything from a single source: Innovative systems in the service of mankind.

Workplace Of The Future

We see ourselves as experts in the design of the workplace of the future. We have many years of experience in system development, evaluation and consulting. In the field of exoskeletons we have already developed different approaches for different body regions (for example, lower and upper extremities or back).

Our high quality systems provide an optimized interaction between the support system/exoskeleton and the person depending on the activity. Only we offer this kind of flexibility.

Fields Of Application

ExoIQ assistance systems can be used in many areas: In the automotive industry and aircraft production. In industrial production, trade and construction. In control cabinet assembly and logistics. In agriculture and forestry. Home users can also carry out heavy and strenuous work much more easily thanks to our systems.

ExoIQ’s assistance systems help to take the sting out of heavy physical work.

Our invitation to 10 companies

We are committed to our interdisciplinary and participatory development approach. Therefore we are looking for application partners, that are eager to push wearable technology forward and participate in our ergonomic application program. 10 companies will be able to benefit by receiving free ergonomic consulting with newest quantitative methods as well as getting access to the latest developments. To get in contact don’t hesitate to contact us.