About us

Our interdisciplinary team

In order to understand your challenges exactly, we get a picture from different perspectives. Our interdisciplinary team has comprehensive expertise to offer.

We develop a specific and optimal solution for every requirement on a scientific basis.

Our scientific background

Our scientific background commits us to an uncompromising evaluation of our systems and methods. Supported by many years of experience, we have developed methods to assess the performance of exoskeletons in various situations and to offer our customers advice tailored to their specific tasks.*

Our mission

We would like to make sure that your employees feel comfortable and like doing what they do. Our systems can make their work more enjoyable and give them the physical strength to achieve their goals at work. Now it is possible to come home with enough energy at the end of the day!

Bernd Obermeier

Managing Director

Bernward Otten

Managing Partner

Robert Weidner

Managing Partner